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From 13 to 21 November 2021

Auction 902

First Session:
Saturday 13 November 2021 from 2:30 PM
Second Session:
Sunday 14 November 2021 from 2:30 PM
Third Session:
Saturday 20 November 2021 from 2:30 PM
Fourth Session:
Sunday 21 November 2021 from 2:30 PM

Additional Info

Lots on Viewing from Friday 5 November 2021

Viewing Time:
-Tuesday to Friday 9,30/12,30 14,30/18,30
-Saturday and Sunday 12,00/19,00
-Monday: CLOSED

Offers can be made in the following ways:
- by telephone on 0161.2291 (with possibility to be recalled)
- in person at Palazzo Meeting Art in Vercelli
- by fax to 0039.0161.229327
- via e-mail to the address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
- on our website

Offers in writing (fax, e-mail) must be sent at least 5 hours before the start of the auction session, in other ways the offers can also be sent in real time to Auction started.

To participate in the auction from the web with the ability to submit bids in real time you must be registered and authenticated using username and password.
IF YOU ARE NOT REGISTERED: All the info and registration forms available at this LINK.

Any unsold lots of the first sessions remain available for possible offers in subsequent sessions until the end of the Auction.

With this terminology Meeting Art expresses an opinion and not a fact regarding the attribution, the origin, the date, the age and the conditions of the lots in this catalog.
Meeting Art recommends that buyers personally view the lots, which are subject to the conditions of sale.

1. 1820, ARGENTIERE ... In our opinion the hallmark confirms the place, the year and the producer.
2. PARIS ... or FRANCE ... 1820 ca. In our opinion, even if there are no legible or missing punches, it can be traced back to the place and period indicated.
3. OF TASTE ... or STYLE ... or IN STYLE ... In our opinion the judgment is inherent exclusively to the model and to the decorative invoice of the object, not attributing it to the age of the indicated style.
4. GROSS WEIGHT The lot was weighed with non-silver parts (wooden handles, ballast etc.) which could not be separated. The net weight is expressed only with grams, not less than the one indicated.
5. GUIDO RENI In our opinion it is a work of the artist indicated.
6. GUIDO RENI (attributed to) In our opinion it is a work, all or even only partially, probably by the artist indicated.
7. GUIDO RENI (Workshop of) In our opinion it is a work realized in the workshop or studio of the artist, therefore attributable, even doubtfully, to a student whose identity is not known and probably under the supervision of the artist.
8. GUIDO RENI (Circle of) or (Area of) In our opinion it is a work realized during the life of the artist.
9. GUIDO RENI (Follower of) In our opinion it is a work realized by a skilled artist, not necessarily a pupil, close to the artist indicated also not contemporary and datable also to a later period.
10. GUIDO RENI (Manner of) or (Style of) In our opinion it is a work realized in the style of the artist in a later period.
11. (from Guido Reni) In our opinion it is a copy of a known work of the indicated artist.
12. ...., 17th century ... (and all the centuries indicated) In our opinion it is a work of this historical period and they are indicative indications susceptible to margins of approval.

Unless expressly indicated, the watches are not guaranteed to be intact and functional.
It is advisable to inspect these lots before the auction.
In the case of the purchase of particularly fragile lots, customers are invited to personally collect or use specialized art transporters.
The conditions of conservation of the ancient paintings are not generally indicated in the catalog.
Any specific requests or condition reports will be sent by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Meeting Art auction house does not ensure the possibility of organizing the transport and packaging of lots of particular sizes or fragility: for these lots buyers will have to do entirely moving and collection management.
Buyers are kindly requested to inquire before the auction about the possible collection of the lots.
All lots containing electrical components and elements prepared for electrification are not checked.
Meeting Art auction house does not guarantee its effective functioning.
The description of the lots for sale, present in the catalog and on the sales voucher, is carried out as accurately and in detail as possible.
Meeting Art reminds you that with regard to the purchase of materials such as: ivory, turtle and coral, beware of the laws of the countries that regulate their importation, so that you can find out about customs procedures and the related permits required.


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